Commercial and Others Legalization


As of 17 March 2003, the PAI (Public Authority for Industry, Kuwait) have implemented the International Conformity Certification Program (ICCP) as a conformity assessment and verification procedure applied to specific Imported Regulated Products at the respective countries of origin, to ensure their compliance with the applicable Kuwaiti Technical Regulations and Mandatory Standards. Full guidelines for Exporters can be obtained from the website at



As of 20 November 2000, payment for documents submitted to the embassy for legalization must be made in cash or bank cheque payable to 'EMBASSY OF THE STATE OF KUWAIT'. The following are the charges per endorsement.


Legalization Requirements

All documents authenticated by The Department (Ministry) of Foreign Affairs & Trade in Australia or The Chamber of Commerce.( Each document has to be authenticated individually).



Only commercial documents(such as Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Packing List and any certificate attached to those documents ) can be certified by the Chamber of Commerce, other certificates issued by the Australian Authorities or companies (such as Certificate of Registration of a Company, Agency/Authorization, Certificate of Incorporation, Distribution Agreement or Commercial Power of Attorne) has to be authenticated by The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.


Photocopy of all documents

A pre-paid self-addressed return envelope.(Applicants from outside Australia are advised to buy International coupons and attach it to the self-addressed return envelope in order to be able to use it as a return postage. Alternatively, we can contact the applicant by e-mail to arrange the collection of the documents by a courier upon the completion of the legalization process).


The process of the legalization would take up to (4) working days.

Payments per document:

- Certificate of Origin (C.O.) AUD $105.00 per copy
- Commercial Invoice: AUD $70.00 per copy
- Packing list: AUD $105.00 per copy
- Others documents and Certificates: AUD $35.00 per copy

Note: The only forms of payments accepted by the embassy are: Bank Cheque, Company Cheque or Cash (Money orders are not accepted).

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